About Sturdy
As a business coach and instructor, Sturdy brings the practical knowledge of owning, operating and growing businesses, combined with extensive training and learning, to clients who want to improve their business operations and achieve their personal and business goals.

Sturdy Teaches
Sturdy created and taught “Clinicient University” for 3+ years. Clinicient University was a 2 day business crash course for Clinicient client owners.

CU attendees realized an average increase in revenue of 8.9% in the first 3 months following attending the course.

And that was with no additional spending. So essentially all of their increased revenue went to, and still goes to, their profit. The top of the range for attendees was a 22% increase, again without a corresponding increase in expenses.

Sturdy has recently developed the PT Private Practice University to bring business owners even better results. Check out "Upcoming Events" in the top menu to learn more about the next PT Private Practice University.

  • Sturdy has served as an EO Accelerator Mentor, helping business owners define their vision, mission and values, as well as achieve their business goals.

  • Sturdy finds immense satisfaction in coaching and working with business owners and executives to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

Sturdy is the father of 3 wonderful children and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Kathy.
He is on the board of EO San Francisco, and is the CEO and Co-Founder at San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, ScheduleDoc.co and Major League Orthopaedics.

Golden Gate Purple Sunset.

Sturdy is available to work with you and your organization in a variety of ways, including workshops, talks, training, and individual coaching for you and your business.