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    A special bonus item for practice owners to establish, revamp, and document their intake process in order to track incoming calls, convert more incoming calls to paying customers, and set the stage for better patient compliance and retention, reducing your cancel and no-show rates, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

  • Hiring A-Players

    You have a business to run and grow, a Vision to realize, and a culture to develop and nurture. To do that you need the right people in the right seats!

    A-Players —

    • generate more $$
    • take less time to manage
    • make customers and clients happy
    • and contribute to your team and company culture.

    Are you able to consistently attract them, find them, and figure out who those A-Players are in an interview process?

    Watch this video to learn how.

  • The 3 Magic Questions

    I call these the “3 Magic Questions” because of the power they unleash in your team members and the improvement they bring to your 1 on 1 meetings. Whether your team are coming to you with a problem, you are tracking a project’s progress, or reviewing KPIs and processes, these “3 Magic Questions” can yield amazing results.


    Do these 2 Things to:

    • Make more money
    • Dramatically increase your profit
    • Drastically reduce interruptions
    • Have more time
    • Create more predictability
    • Feel more stable
    • And after a little while, be able to make more progress in your business than you thought possible.
  • "Meetings With Impact" Kit!

    The better you run your meetings, the shorter they are, and the bigger their impact. Your meetings don’t have to suck.

    Download and read this short pdf to run your meetings better.

  •  Save Tons of Time 

    I created this brief and useful eBook to help you gain control of your hectic schedule and get more accomplished every single day.

    It’s called Save Tons of Time (or “The Get Sh*t Done Book”).

    The feedback has been great. I hope you find it useful, as well!

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