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  • Clarity Calls
    Facing a challenge in your business?  

    I have set aside recurring times to talk with business owners about the challenges they are facing in their businesses, with the objective of providing clarity around the next steps they might take. 

    We will identify the core issue, resources, and action steps to move past your current challenge. 

    Please schedule your Clarity Call at the link below. 

    Feel free to schedule a Clarity Call to learn more about Individual and Group Business Coaching. 

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    Upcoming Webinar

    Purpose Driven Business

    Join me for a one hour crash course on Purpose Driven, Values Driven Organizations, and how to get started on your own Vision of Meaning.

    Oct. 17, 2019, 2 pm PST

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    Revenue Cycle Processes with Bob Kowalic

    Are you leaving value on the table by not having your revenue cycle processes optimized? Join us to learn how to objectively know how well you are executing in this realm.

    Oct. 29, 2019, 2 pm PST

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  • Meetups!
    In San Francisco and Online

    Join our Focus Forward Business Meetup Group to stay informed about upcoming free events both in San Francisco and online. 

    We do learning and social events for entrepreneurs and business owners to help with both networking, and processes you can use in your businesses. 

    From Marketing to Hiring to Operations, members and experts share their knowledge with each other so we can all do better. 

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